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There are today 4 (5 but one is uncertain of it is still in production. These pens can all be used with Anoto paper. Some are standalone pens that work with "most" paper and software. Some pens need special paper from respective company to use all functionality of the pen.


LiveScribe Pulse penLiveScribe Pulse - This is probably the best pen on the market today. It has recording ability along with writing recognition. So you can record a seminar while taking notes, and replay this later by just tapping the notes that you took at the time of recording. For the recording and playback to work you need the LiveScribe paper. The Pulse pen has 2GB of memory whcich is the biggest memory capacity yet in a pen. Beacuse of its record and playback ability it has some great applications available like language translations, where you write words, and the pen says the word translated when tapped. Check out all the features of the pen and software at their site.