Vision Objects is a company that specialises in handwriting recognition. The "quite" new technology with digital pen and paper has enabled new ways of recognizing handwritten text. The older OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology which is still used for machine printed text with great success, has never worked very well with handwritten text, because of all the different handwriting techniques and that every character is somewhat different in appearance from time to time. Vision Objects Myscript solution instead uses ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) which utilises the data from the pen, which actually describes HOW the character was written. Because each character may LOOK the same, but are almost always written in THE SAME WAY. So with this data a much more reliable text conversion can be done. It does require a learning process for the program, which needs to learn your way of writing. But when learned you will find that converting your handwritten documents to the computer will go very smoothly.


Check out their homepage for what solutions are available. Different versions of MyScript is integrated in many programs that are shipped with pen and paper solutions.