Goodreader is a great companion with the Ipad, and I will go into detail on this ultimate app for cataloging books, papers and magazines in a later article.


But I want to make a small tourbleshooting guide here for problems that I have run into when setting up Goodreader for different situations.


1. FTP sync with special characters

When syncing with an FTP server and one of the files and or folders have special characters it is important to change to a Character set that works for those characters. Eg. I wanted to put up a ftp sync to a swedish municipality to download meetingnotes. The meetingnames had åäö in their names (swedish special characters), and the Sync failed with the error message: Failed: Requested path unavailable. Also the specialcharacters was replaced with other characters. This was because I used the standard UTF8 encoding. When going into the settings for the FTP-connection and switching to ISOLatin1 it worked as it should. Depending on your language you should choose the appropriate encoding.

2. All files are updated every time I sync with FTP.

This is because the background logic on the FTP copys all the files every time it updates the file table. Therefor Goodreader interprets them as new files (the changed date of the file has been changed).

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