Here is a new video with information on how to modify the lid on the Stabilo Worker (formerly Bionic Worker) with a capacative touch tip.

Reasons for doing this is ofcourse if you want both a nice "normal" pen, but also have a capacative touch pen available for your iPad, Android, Windows 8 or other tablet. I love my Stabilo Bionic Workers and used them all the time before I got myself an iPad. Now I do all my notes on the ipad and the "normal" pen isnt needed so much anymore. It is still nice to have them around for when someone wants to write down a note.


So if you have a Stabilo Worker and dont want to give it up. Upgrade it to the 21'st century with this simple modification.


We also made an sequel to our other video explaining how to make a cheap ebay pen into a great capacitive touch pen. This is for a similar pen, but with a slightly different build.
You find that video here: How to make an awesome iPad Windows 8 Android Capacative touch pen

Last Updated (Monday, 05 November 2012 13:44)